Yamaha Xeno Trumpet, Cryogenically Treated YTR8335IISLN

Yamaha Xeno Trumpet, Cryogenically Treated YTR8335IISLN

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Manufacturer Part #:  YTR8335IISLN
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Xeno Trumpet; key of Bb; .459" bore; one-piece 47/8" yellow-brass bell; monel alloy pistons; main tuning slide brace, silver-plated, cryogenically treated.

Cryogenic Resonance Restoration is a dry process that does not affect the appearance of lacquer or plated finishes. Instruments that are carefully prepped by the customer are placed in a specially designed, computer controlled unsulated chamber where they reach a final temperature in excess of -300 degrees Fahrenheit. A computer specifically designed for musical instruments controls the entire process, guiding the temperature to optimum levels and then gently returning the instruments to room temperature. The entire process takes approximately 24 hours, yet that single day produces the equivalent of decades of aging and 'playing in'. Upon completion of the process, your instrument should now be in its ideal 'zone'.

Model: YTR8335IISLN
Manufacturer: Yamaha
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